Monday, January 25, 2010

Well, here we are again. Another year behind us and my house is still on the market!! It has been almost a year and I am so frustrated and tired of living under a microscope! If I had known it was going to take so long I would not have packed up a lot of things I did! But I am going to change my Realtor at the end of this contract if the house hasn't sold by then. Or I might even take it off the market. I know the economy is bad right now but I cannot keep living like this. I want my life back.

I am still focusing on stitching right now. Pulling out my fabrics and sewing machine would be just too much if someone called for a showing. So the quilt is still on hold. I am still getting some wonderful pieces from friends around the globe and I will try to get some photos up of some of them as soon as I can.

Until next time....