Friday, November 21, 2008

My Friendship Crazy Quilt

Last year I decided to do a Friendship Crazy Quilt. I have been putting info in my blog but decided I needed to start a separate one just for this. So I am reposting my original info and will go from here.

My thanks goes to Pam Kellogg ( for her help and inspiration and Vikki Clayton ( for her help and advice on getting started.

I have started by moving my original post from my website over here. Over the next few months I will try hard to keep you all updated on my progress.

Crazy Quilt Gidelines

I was asked to post this to help those of you who have offered to stitch a motif for my Crazy Quilt. Basically it is *anything goes* but a few guidelines might be helpful.

1. No time limit
2. Any fabric--color, style, etc--of your choosing
3. Any style--as simple or elaborate as you like
4.Any size--within reason, of course! Just something small for the quilt!
5. Any shape--this is going to be a crazy quilt, after all!
6. Design something yourself if you wish or use a motif from something already published--your choice
7. Please include your name (at least first name) and where you live--ie Stormy, Chesnee, South Carolina
8. Let me know what I can do for you in return

--------------------------The Original Post----------------------------

Another thought....

Yes, I know that's dangerous for me but....

Recently several things have converged to get me thinking about this so I thought I would ask for opinions.

As you know a couple of weeks ago I attended my annual stitching retreat/workshop in Myrtle Beach which is hosted by by LNS owner Nancy Hall (The Stitch & Frame Shop) and Meg Thompson Shinall (The Flower Thread Company). This was my third year attending but many ladies (and gent) have been attending since it's inception about 6 years ago. In March some of us decided to do *Friendship Squares* for Meg and Nancy. Each square was to be 4 inches square and edged with a buttonhole stitch so they all could be joined together in a wallhanging. Some of us stitched published designs and some of us designed our own but the wallhanging turned out beautifully.

Then I saw a thread about Pam Kellogg's Crazy Quilting and I discovered what it really is as opposed to what I had always *thought* it was.

Well, last night during one of my sleepless periods I began thinking about all the wonderful friends I have made in the last few years--not only from across the US but also from the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, and many, many more places that I don't mean to leave out. But you get the idea. Because of my health issues and travel difficulties I will never meet most of these friends unless they come here. But I value their frienship none the less.

So all things converged and I began to think how neat it would be to have a *friendship quilt* of my own. With small bits stitched from as many different friends and as many different places as possible. I would then add these in with pieces I have stitched through the years and never *finished* and all the tidbits of lace and ribbon and buttons that I have never thrown away. (I am such a pack rat!) I probably won't have to actually buy anything except maybe backing fabric--if that!

So what do you think? Is this a crazy idea or what? Would any of you be willing to stitch a little something for me--no particular fabric, style, etc.--just something from you and signed, of course. In return I would gladly stitch something for you--a similar square or bookmark or ornament or whatever you would like to have from me. There would be no deadline as this will definitely be a long term project but I really think I would like to do this.


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