Monday, March 30, 2009


We just discovered that my storage unit has been broken into and vandalized and the things that were not taken were totally destroyed. Even my father's bible was ripped to shreds! And all my family photos were strewn about and trampled! Anything that they felt had no *value* was destroyed! All of my kitchen things, my fine china, my crystal stemware--everything that I had put in for temporary storage is gone! I am so distraught over the entire thing! Most of it cannot be replaced. Right now I am still in shock and cannot even begin to list everything that was there. How many people make lists of every item they place in a box? I am just hoping I can remember the most of it. I am so glad that I did not have any major amounts of stash in it but the few things that were there have been taken--some costume jewelry that I was going to take apart and use on my quilt and some laces and trims that I had gotten a while back when my Mom and I were into sewing. These will be missed of course, but at least I didn't lose my stitched pieces and fabrics!

Off to cry some more...Until next time...

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vivian said...

I feel awful for you, so many momentos destroyed or stolen. I have alot of stuff in boxes also and think often how I would feel if this happened to me but my husband has always told me that they are material things and we move on to other momentos we have and cherish them. I moved alot too and had lots of stuff broken, not much I could do.