Monday, November 24, 2008

Bells By Jeanette

Bells by Jeanette, originally uploaded by The Mad Stitcher.

I received the second stitched piece for my quilt from Jeanette in Alberta, Canada. And again the stitching is beautiful. She chose my favorite colors of red and green and this is so wonderful that I want to make it into a pillow! (See how perfectly it matches my sofa fabric!) I'm afraid that cutting it down will take away from the piece. But it was stitched for my quilt so I will see when I actually get to making this square.

Jeanette also, graciously agreed for me to share her words:

Stormy's Crazy Quilt Project
Thought out and voiced by Stormy
Captured Thoughts from the CBB

Dearest Kathy:

This piece is submitted with the greatest respect and I hope this will show you how much I wish to 'honour' you as the wonderful person that you are.

May the 'bells' of your life be as full as these with Love, Joy, and Peace throughout your life here on Earth.


Thank you, my dear friend. You know how much I love it.

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Namuelle said...

It's so gorgeous !!! Well done dear stitching friend !
What a lovely blog !
Merry Christmas from Southeastern France !